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“If your event is longer than two minutes in duration and you are not using hypoxia (altitude training) in some form or fashion, you are not competitive at the elite level.” ~ Dr. Jim Stray-Gundersen, High Performance Sport Consultant

What We Do


Hypo2 specializes in training site management for elite sport, with an emphasis on altitude training in Flagstaff and other select sites in the Southwest USA. With well over a decade of experience in managing the training-related needs of the world’s greatest athletes and developing international-caliber programming for a wide range of clientele, Hypo2 sets the standard for professional sport management.



Training Site Management

Comprehensive, centralized management of all altitude training site components, including dedicated sport-specific training venue access, room and board, transportation, sports med care, and much more.


Altitude training site assessments, training center operations, NGB relations and more.


Individualized altitude training plan design, implementation and assessment.